It’s a dangerous world out there, and you won’t survive on your own. The time has come for you to join a Faction. Join your fellow citizens in a fight to the death over the world’s remaining supply of Solana.

Factions Art

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The Factions

In the fight for Solana, 6 Factions reign supreme. By joining one, you pledge your allegiance to their cause and swear to fight with everything you have. The Factions don’t take kindly to freeloaders, and have been known to execute their least productive members...


The Elitists

The Elitists think they still run this world, some argue they do, but if they aren’t careful, another Faction is going to sneak up and steal what they care about more than anything - their Solana. Don’t let their fancy attire fool you - they aren’t afraid to get dirty.


The Enforcers

Their duty is to protect this world that has been divided by The Faction Games. Each knows the risks, sees the danger and looks at it head on. They must fight to keep order and balance.


The Technocrats

Just because you might not always see the Technocrats on the front lines does not mean they aren’t a force to fear in The Faction Games. Their technological superiority and hyper intelligence allows them to attack anytime and from anywhere.


The Agriculturalists

They never thought the simple lives they lead could be flipped on its head so quickly, plunging them into a fight of a world divided. Don't let their appearances fool you however - they are in this until the end.


The Comrades

What would a power struggle be without a Faction of Communists? The comrades are strong in their will and determination, seeking equality and unity through some very unconventional means.


The Mafia

Lying and deception is second nature to their crew who stops at nothing to get what they want. But, when The Faction Games began, their rise to power pushed even them to places they never wanted to go. No turning back now…

Roadmap Overview

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